Don Jr., Masculinity Influencer, Launches ‘Non-Woke’ Men’s Magazine

This is a dude who knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a real man—like sharing memes sexualizing your sister and working exclusively for your daddy.

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Don Jr., Masculinity Influencer, Launches ‘Non-Woke’ Men’s Magazine
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With summer around the corner it seems we’re all leaning into our little hobbies and passion projects—and the oldest, cringey-ist son of our billionaire, failed insurrectionist, former president is no exception, apparently.

On Thursday, Don Jr. announced Field Ethos, his new “non-woke” men’s lifestyle magazine that claims it will restore “a forgotten lifestyle to those who refuse to conform.” The magazine will offer articles on hunting, fishing, and the works, written, of course, by “old-school adventurers who make no apologies for who we are.” The problem with men, Field Ethos suggests, at a time when 85 percent of women and girls report facing harassment on the internet, is that they’re actually too “woke” and need some guidance and gentle hand-holding from Don Jr. to instruct them on how to become less woke.

We are truly living in the golden age of the masculinity panic grift—between the alleged serial rapist and human trafficker Andrew Tate building a global empire of insecure male middle schoolers, desperately jotting down notes as he instructs on how best to belittle or traffic their girlfriends, and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) shilling a new book about masculinity—as if video footage of him fleeing the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 doesn’t exist in 4K. And how can we forget former Fox News darling Tucker Carlson’s entire segment on testicular tanning as a solution to the supposed masculinity crisis?

Now, we have Don Jr.’s little zine with its pretty pictures of nature and animals and motivational quotes about being “unapologetic,” all of which remind me of the Just Girly Things Tumblr graphics from 2014.

Don Jr., mind you, knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a real man—like sharing incomprehensible, lewd memes sexualizing his own sister, for instance, or hunting down helpless animals by shooting them from the safety and comfort of your car. This is a salt-of-the-earth dude if I’ve ever seen one, a man who knows the value of hard, honest work and what it takes to make your own way in the world your maybe-billionaire father bought for you.

If I can offer any advice to Don on his new venture, it’s that his quarterly zine should offer a recurring section on divorce—surely the magazine’s readership will find this relatable, and Don can certainly draw from his wealth of personal experience with the matter.

Surprisingly enough, Field Ethos isn’t Don Jr.’s first foray into publishing. He’s also behind Winning Team Publishing, which is slated to publish books by Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro and failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate and Big Lie peddler Kari Lake, according to HuffPost. And before Winning Team Publishing, Don Jr. self-published a number of his own books spouting the usual, self-victimizing right-wing lies: In 2020, it was reported that sales of his then-new book were massively inflated by the RNC shelling out over $300,000 to buy thousands of copies of it—all after buying 115,000 copies of his previous book the year before.

I, personally, can’t wait to see how much the RNC splurges to inevitably bankroll his cute little men’s magazine about courageously bro-ing out and pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps—ironically, something Don Jr. can’t seem to do with any of his publishing projects, himself.

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