Don't You Hate It When Your Dad Interrupts Your White Supremacist Livestream 


Unite the Right organizer and adult man who definitely lives with his parents Jason Kessler was caught on livestream getting yelled at by his dad, and I cannot stop laughing.

In the middle of a conversation with neo-Nazi Patrick Little, Kessler is interrupted by an irate man: “Hey! You get out of my room!” he yells in the background.

Kessler awkwardly lets Little know that he’s having a bit of an issue on his end. Little asks if it’s a drunk roommate. Kessler replies, “Something like that.”

But it was not a drunken roommate. It was his dad. Because Kessler lives with his parents.

“I want this to stop in my room, Jason,” Kessler’s dad says in the background. “This is my room.”

Kessler is seen rushing off camera to do damage control, not unlike a teen caught watching porn. But Kessler is decidedly not a teen; he is a 34-year-old man.

Kessler then goes on a rant about how his family has been brainwashed by the History Channel’s anti-German, pro-Jewish propaganda. He’s likely referring to the network’s old reputation of constantly airing World War II documentaries, but the History Channel these days is largely American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Ancient Aliens, and original dramas about vikings. Mom and dad are more likely being brainwashed into restoring a clock from the 1950s.

“I’m stuck in a situation where I have to stay with my family because I’m paying for all these lawsuits, and I can’t afford to do that without staying with my family,” explains Kessler.

The livestream took place on June 28, before Kessler’s second, low turnout Unite the Right rally took place on August 12.

Normally, it would be a dick move to laugh at someone for living at home in their thirties, or mock one’s financial pickle. But Kessler is a virulent racist behind the Charlottesville, Virginia Unite the Right where Heather Heyer was killed after a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters. So frankly, he can eat shit. At his parent’s house. In his dad’s room. Where he does racist ass livestreams. And get yelled at. Until the end of time.

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