Drew Barrymore Has Failed Kindergarten (Again)

Drew Barrymore Has Failed Kindergarten (Again)

This week, The Drew Barrymore Show was for the birds—well, one bird, actually: turkey. The show’s Thanksgiving-related content included an interview with an owner of a disabled turkey, lots of throaty turkey sounds from the show’s titular host, an outdoor barbecue the produced a turkey whose juices Barrymore said she could smell, and a hand turkey fail that prompted guest Paul Scheer to wonder aloud if they (really, she) just failed kindergarten, to which Barrymore replied, “That’s my second time doing that.” The more you know. Barrymore lives every week like it’s Craft Week.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least touch on The Drew Barrymore Show’s biggest scandal thus far, which erupted in the time since last week’s Drew Weekly: Two people that got married on the show last week allegedly met when the groom was the bride’s high school physics teacher. Yikes. The rumors started kicking around in comments sections shortly after the wedding-featuring episode aired, and I’ve yet to see anyone from the show or the couple, for that matter, refute it in the press (it’s been reported in a slew of outlets, including the New York Post and the New York Daily News). Incidentally, the bride and groom are now 36 and 25, respectively, so if their relationship started illicitly/unethically, well, it technically isn’t anymore. How intense should a talk show’s vetting process be? Probably intense enough to avoid something like this, though, I’m not sure how practical checking school records for every single guest would actually be. At the very least, the gaffe is very Drew: bumbling, haphazard, and apt to serve even the most awkward of pairings sunnyside up.

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