Drew Peterson's Ex-"Fiance" Speaks Out • Octopulets Mom Gets Herself An Agent


Drew Peterson‘s most recent ex claims that they were never engaged. Christina Raines, who first met Peterson when she was 15, says that the whole engagement was a “stunt.”

Nadya Suleman, the newly-famous mother of 14, has hired an agent. Nadya says she hopes to become a TV childcare expert. • A new study has found that the context in which women recover memories of their childhood sexual abuse can greatly effect the authenticity of those memories. • Authorities in Egypt have been forced to address the rising rates of sexual harassment in Cairo, what was once considered one of the safer mega-cities in the world. • A woman from New Jersey has launched a website, 52Weeks2FindHim.com, to help in her husband hunt. Neenah Pickett has been on several dates with men who contacted her online, but says she rules out anyone who sends her a picture of themselves without their shirt. • Women with higher levels of a hormone produced midway through pregnancy have a higher risk of developing postpartum depression, study says. • A recent study has found that, among high school biology, chemistry, and physics students, there is a noticeable bias against female teachers. • Canadian researchers have developed a new tool to screen for breast cancer, which they believe may help doctors better tailor treatment to individual patients. • Authorities say that a kindergartner found a stash of Oxycontin in her pants that had allegedly been hidden there by her live-in uncle. He is being charged with possession and reckless endangerment. • Screw astrology! In Japan the hot new sham science is blood typing. Matchmakers, kindergartens, and companies are all using blood types to determine compatibility. Unsurprisingly, the theory was first imported to Japan from Nazi race ideologies in the 1930s. • The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the British Fertility Society have issued a joint statement that warns women against freezing their eggs for “lifestyle reasons” on moral grounds. • Doctors (different ones, we assume) have issued a warning against wearing large earrings because they could potentially damage earlobes, leaving “unsightly” scars. • A trial is scheduled to open Wednesday in a lawsuit filed eight years ago against Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus over animal abuse claims. • A leading biologist has described blushing as one of the “biggest gaps in evolutionary theory.” Unable to determine any solid reason for blushing, scientists theorize that it may have been a deterrent against lying, designed to favor the most honest among us. • The now-defunct strip club Scores has left behind a treasure trove of cheap wine, marked down to 97% of its original price. • New research has indicated that a strong jawline is one of the telltale signs that a women will be unfaithful. • In response to the lame damsels in distress that populate romance novels, writer Andrea Pickens has created a trilogy about three kick-ass female spies. • Science has brought us one step closer to our all-women utopia! For the first time, developmental biologists have turned adult cells into egg and sperm cell precursors. • An elderly couple from Washington have passed away after 62 years of marriage, a mere six hours apart. (I haven’t seen it yet, but I think there’s a Notebook reference to be made here). • Historians have found the diary of a Victorian S&M slave Hannah Cullwick. The 19th-century notebook explicitly documents the sexual relationship between Hannah and her master Arthur Munby. They believe that Hannah turned down the opportunity to become a Victorian lady, preferring instead to continue living as Arthur’s slave. •

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