Dumb Masochism: Give Yourself A Brazilian With These Handy Stencils


The May 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan is the “sexy” issue, much like every other issue every year. But there’s a twist: This issue comes with guidelines for giving yourself a Brazilian wax… And four stencils for your pubic hair.

You’ll need a mirror, hot wax, a razor, and anti-ingrown cream, naturally. But the text under “Step 2” reads: “Punch out your favorite shape, hold it up to the center of your V zone, and trace around it with an eyeliner pencil…”

That’s right: On the very next page, perforated bikini-line stencils are tucked into the magazine:

Your choices: “Love Triangle,” “Sweetheart,” “This Way For Fun” (arrow), and the ever-popular “Landing Strip.”

You know, mixing hot wax, paper stencils, and lady bits — while trying to read — seems like a painfully bad idea. It’s understandable that the Cosmo editors want to get close to their readers, but if you want to get that intimate with our pubes, you’re going to have to buy us dinner first.

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