Emily Doe at the Center of Stanford Sexual Assault Case Reveals Her Identity

Emily Doe at the Center of Stanford Sexual Assault Case Reveals Her Identity
Screenshot:CBS News

Throughout Stanford swimmer Brock Turner’s trial, after which he was found guilty of three felony counts of assault, his accuser remained anonymous as “Emily Doe.” But even in her anonymity, Doe made her voice loud and clear with an emotional impact statement read directly to Turner at the trial, which was published in full on Buzzfeed and subsequently went viral. Now Emily Doe has revealed her true identity as Chanel Miller, and she is writing a memoir about her assault and the trial.

The New York Times reports that Miller’s memoir is titled Know My Name and that she started writing the book in 2017. Miller looked at court documents and transcripts she didn’t have access to during the trial, and the book’s scope has expanded in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement and wider conversations about sexual assault. A 60 Minutes interview with Miller is scheduled to premiere September 22, and she also recorded a video reading her impact statement.

After Stanford reportedly rejected Doe’s suggestions last year for a memorial plaque at the site of her assault, inscribed with a quotation from her, Doe removed herself from the project. The college rejected her quote ideas, instead settling on: “I’m okay, everything’s okay.” Thankfully, she now has a whole book to say what she wants and Stanford can’t edit a single line!

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