Eric Adams Says He’s Excited for Another Rainy Weekend So New Yorkers Will Procreate

Unlike the rest of us, Adams is happy about more rain because it apparently means "people stay home and they reignite their love affair.”

Eric Adams Says He’s Excited for Another Rainy Weekend So New Yorkers Will Procreate
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However you feel about New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ often questionable politics, it is a universally accepted truth that the man says very strange things. He’s previously identified dancing as his city’s biggest problem and accused us all of being too afraid to say the word “vagina.” And now, quite inexplicably, during a local news hit on Friday meant to tout promising job numbers, the mayor shouted out the forthcoming rainy NYC weekend for giving horny New Yorkers the proper vibe to get it on.

When asked how he feels about the rain on Fox 5, Adams replied, “Some people go out and see rain, I feel rain, and I know it’s all part of the beauty of life.” He continued, “But I think rain also increases our population. People stay home and they reignite their love affair.”

And then… just like that, Adams moved on. Next, he floated the idea of getting a dog for City Hall and letting New Yorkers join him in naming the dog. OK. Cool! I, personally, cannot just move on from that first thing: Rainy weather good, Adams insists, because more people will stay indoors and procreate.

As I very often am by Adams’ philosophizing, I am surprised by his hot and heavy take on rainy days. This is a man who’s a regular in the NYC club scene, whether he’s partying into the early hours of the morning with Cara Delevingne or dancing the night away in the midst of an ongoing housing crisis. You’d think he’d be annoyed about the rain impeding his lifestyle—but I suppose his selfless, if not mildly exaggerated, population concerns take precedence over that.

In any case, I would argue that this positively feral little tidbit hardly even cracks the top 10 strangest things Adams has uttered. Was it not just last year that this man said the words: “I’m like broccoli. You’re gonna hate me now, but you’re gonna love me later?” And is this not a man whose best friend is an NYPD robot dog???

As I and my fellow New Yorkers all silently process how desperately our mayor wants us to be fucking each other right now, perhaps it’s past time we stop expecting this man to say a single normal thing, grudgingly pay our taxes, and just keep it moving. I, for one, will be spending the rainy weekend decidedly not procreating because just thinking about Eric Adams thinking about me fucking really kills the vibe.

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