Erika Jayne Adds a New Layer to Her Marriage Story

The Girardi divorce is complicated despite the fact Erika has been living on camera for years

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Erika Jayne Adds a New Layer to Her Marriage Story
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It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new revelation made about Erika Jayne’s marriage to Tom Girardi—and these revelations are all coming from Erika, who now feels compelled to tell the truth piece by piece like a dripping faucet. But with each revelation, the story of Tom and Erika makes less sense, as if some crucial nugget of truth is missing. On this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when Erika initially filed for divorce, she claimed that Tom had not bothered to reach out at all and she hadn’t heard from or spoken to him since the morning she served the papers.

Wednesday night, in the latest installment of Real Housewives of Erika’s Divorce, she told a story that was different but only slightly so, in such that it could still be believable. Erika once again brought up that Tom had been deteriorating mentally after a car accident that no one knew the extent of and which made no sense as she explained it, but was accepted by the group because who is going to debate a woman crying about a car accident? But as she was explaining to her friends just how far gone Tom’s mind was, she also added, “He calls me every day.”

Perhaps this is true but it doesn’t line up with the picture Erika has been painting all season of a man who, at least in the last few years of their marriage, didn’t have any positive feelings toward her. By her own admission, Tom was distant and unwilling to talk with her before the car accident—and yet he’s now calling her every day in the middle of their divorce asking her to come back home. When is Bravo going to release the Snyder cut of this marriage and settle everyone’s questions once and for all?

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