Even Republicans Agree That No One Likes Andrew Giuliani

Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy, received zero votes in a poll of Republican leaders about who should challenge Andrew Cuomo

Even Republicans Agree That No One Likes Andrew Giuliani
Image:ED JONES (Getty Images)

It would appear that exactly no one is interested in supporting political aspirations harbored by the shouty ginger seed of former lawyer and possible future prison resident Rudy Giuliani—not even the Republican leaders who ostensibly send Christmas cards to the former first family of New York City.

During a recent meeting of Republican county chairs and committee members regarding who should run in New York’s upcoming gubernatorial election, not a single leader believed that Andrew Giuliani—whose political strategy largely involves repeating his last name a lot—could beat Governor Andrew Cuomo, a man whose political strategy involves occasionally setting off fireworks when people accuse him of sexually harassing them, which happens pretty much daily. In a straw poll at the meeting, the young Giuliani received zero votes.

However, it’s not as if Republicans don’t support any Trump-adjacent cretins for governor; just not this one. Instead, 85 percent of their support went to Congressman Lee Zeldin of Long Island. According to the Guardian, Zeldin’s hobbies include doubting election results:

“Zeldin is closely aligned with the Trumpist wing of the national Republican party. In January he was one of 147 Republicans in Congress who backed attempts to overturn electoral college results.”

While Zeldin has wholeheartedly embraced survey results showing that his buddies think he’s cool, perhaps more well-suited to the Republican spirit du jour is Giuliani, who countered the poll results with a poll of his own declaring that everyone likes him and wants him to be governor:

“Proud to be the FAVORITE of The 2.9 Million Registered New York Republicans!!!” he tweeted. “We are the Peoples Candidate!!!!!! Together WE WILL TAKE DOWN Andrew Cuomo on 8 November 2022.”

It remains unclear to whom Giuliani is referring when he uses the term “we,” as the fact that not a single one of his dad’s friends voted for him would likely indicate that everyone on Earth hates him. Jezebel will update if any clarifying information emerges.

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