Every Woman Kourtney Kardashian Pumps Breast Milk, Takes a Brelfie

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Proving that not every person who flees to Vegas also flees their responsibilities, Kourtney Kardashian took to the Instagram to show off her breast pump, affixed firmly to her tube top/nursing bra, as a way to remind us all that though she may be a Kardashian, she’s still a mom.

The leather pants, I think, add a nice touch—though I guess you could also look at this as a giant middle finger to anyone who has an issue with women who aren’t ashamed of breastfeeding in public and/or broadcasting it loudly on social media. In that case, you go, KK.

[Us Weekly]

Reggie Bush and his wife of two years who looks like a mirror image of Kim Kardashian when she was dating Reggie Bush, Lilit Avagyan, are expecting a baby boy. No word on future playdates with North West, who is presumably booked with playdates, fashion shows, and finicky lunches with Anna Wintour for the foreseeable future. [E!]

When a female musician takes ownership of her badass-ness and refers to herself as “King,” I’m like, yes girl. And when that king is Nicki Minaj and she lands every male rapper’s wet dream of collaborating with Nike on designing a sick pair of sneakers in her likeness before talking shit about male rappers on Instagram, I’m like, haha, YAS. [MTV]

•If you ain’t showing PDA at Coachella you ain’t shit. [Just Jared]

•Why is anyone surprised by now that Beyoncé’s vacations, like everything else she does/touches/is, are the best? [People]

•Naturally, Salon has a lot to say about Jay Z’s Tidal service and (yawns). [Salon]

•I can’t tell if Bobby Brown is just fucking with us, but Bobbi Kristina might be on the road to recovery (or “awake” could have some sort of spiritual meaning, IDK). [TMZ]

Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t able to get by on $29 worth of groceries a week after all. [MSNBC]

•”Pony potion” is supposedly what keeps Living Proof co-owner and genetically-blessed person Jennifer Aniston’s hair on fleek. [Inquisitr]

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