'Exciting' 'Scenes' From the Royal Baby Watch


Being a journalist is really hard, guys, especially if you’re a journalist who gets paid to sit around and wait for a baby to drop out of a female human’s uterus. Despite an estimated mid-July due date for Kate and William’s bundle of joy, reporters staked their very important claims to the land in front of the hospital where the glittery spawn will be born as early as July 2.

At that point, spirits were high.

This is despite the fact that the whole thing requires a lot of waiting.

Seriously so much waiting. I’m sort of worried about this dude and his chances of getting skin cancer.

This is really an ideal time for those lighting umbrellas to be used for a protective covering.

On second thought, this might be the best job in the world.

Look at this bro catching up on his reading!

And these guys are like, “It’s so good we have this time to catch up. How are the kids?”

Some of the journalists pass the time doing some high-stakes gambling.

July 9th. The mood has gotten bleak and nap-oriented.

July 11th. Where is the escape route?

July 13.

This woman has the death stare down pat.

At least they all still have a sense of humor.

Images via AP, except the last photo via Getty

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