Eyebrow Implants Are Now a Thing


Despite the best efforts of several haters in the industry, voluminous eyebrows are clinging to the face of fashion like a pair of very glamorous and well-groomed wooly caterpillars. And now, like all good trends, eyebrow mania has spawned its very own Capitol-esque beauty procedure: eyebrow implants. This is something not even I — Jezebel’s lead eyebrow correspondent — could have come up with in my wildest dreams.

According to the Daily Mail, cosmetic surgery practitioners have seen inquiries about eyebrow-implant surgeries increase by 45% since 2010; 70% of potential brow-implant customers say the fountainhead of their woes is that they have over-plucked in the past. The average eyebrow implantation costs $3,000 (what are the eyebrows made out of? Shredded-up dollar bills? Hairs plucked directly from Baby Suri’s newborn head?) and involves individually transplanting single hair follicles into incisions made in the eyebrow line. If you don’t have $3,000 to wantonly throw at someone with a scalpel and a bunch of stray hairs, you can try getting temporary eyebrow extensions, which will put you back around $50.

Everyone is quick to credit Cara Delevingne for this rise in eyebrow implants, but I’m not so sure. Gandalf, the original proponent of eyebrow extensions, could probably share the credit. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Justin Bieber’s alleged drag-racing accomplice — now a MAJOR PLAYER in world news — is an eyebrow connoisseur by profession.

At the very least, there’s some very rich irony in gluing very expensive fake hairs to one’s own face because a “natural” look is more in fashion now.

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