YouTube Couple Shares ‘Disgusting’ Video Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust

The LaBrant Fam, who have more than 13 million subscribers, posted anti-abortion propaganda that left viewers enraged and questioning why YouTube allowed it.

YouTube Couple Shares ‘Disgusting’ Video Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust
Screenshot:YouTube (Fair Use)

Cole and Savannah LaBrant, who you may remember as the YouTubers who allegedly faked a wildfire evacuation and then mercilessly convinced their own daughter that they gave away her dog, as a prank, have sunk to a new low.

In a 38-minute video shared to their 13.1 million subscribers over the weekend, titled “Abortion. (documentary),” the LaBrants made an unhinged case for opposing abortion rights in what is most certainly not a documentary. What follows after viewers press play is blatant, false propaganda.

“Abortion has been arguably the most polarizing, heated, and controversial civil rights issue since 1973 when abortion was legalized in the U.S,” says a voice narrating at the top of the video. “There is so much passion on either side of the topic.”

Seconds later, we see a deeply troubling comparison I had to watch twice just to believe: The screen flashes a series of images, each featuring the numbers of lives lost in both Rwandan and Cambodian genocides and the Holocaust. The numbers are then shown in contrast to, presumably, the number of abortions that have supposedly happened around the world. Lest you find yourself confused: The LaBrants are saying that abortion, a common, safe and (mostly) constitutionally protected health care procedure, is comparable to mass genocide.

Screenshot:YouTube (Fair Use)

As though the video needed additional minutes to get worse, Cole and Savannah then appeal to the camera directly. Savannah recalls being pregnant at 19 and says it was hard for her to come to terms with that, but that it was “ultimately worth it” for her to have her baby. Moments later, we hear from Cole, who seems to answer the question any reasonable person would ask in response to this video: Why the fuck did you make this?

Cole emphatically tells viewers that his impetus to add “flame to an already crazy burning fire” is so that if just “one baby is safe from this—if one mom chooses to keep her baby from it, then it’s all worth it.” He then stresses that the “documentary” is “by no means is trying to illegalize abortion”—which, lol, imagine comparing a thing to the Holocaust and then saying you’re not trying to make it illegal. Just, what?

The video (which also decries “we truly believe that love is the answer) was apparently made in tandem with Live Action, the nonprofit that made the wildly debunked, misleading “sting” videos about Planned Parenthood that sparked a Congressional investigation. In other words, an anti-abortion activist group has seized on this wildly popular YouTube family to push its agenda on their fans.

One now-former fan tweeted on Saturday that she used to love the LaBrant Fam “until today.” “When your life is so perfect OF COURSE YOU ARE AGAINST ABORTION. But think about it twice when someone gets [raped] by one of their family members WHILE BEING UNDERAGE. This documentary is hurtful to watch as a woman,” she wrote. OBGYN and influencer Mama Doctor Jones shared her thoughts on the video on various forms of social media, calling out the video on Twitter by saying, “you know what abortion is not? Comparable to The Holocaust” and sharing an Instagram Story clip of herself labeling the “documentary” as “propagandized emotion.”

YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn called the couple out as “disgusting” in a video of her own and called the video “propaganda to the extreme,” before drawing attention to the demographic that makes up most of the LaBrant Fam’s following: young children and families.

The official even tweeted that they were “horrified” at the video as it aimed to “delegitimize the Holocaust, as well as the Rwandan and Cambodian genocides, to justify their abortion argument.” In an email to Jezebel, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum directed me to this statement they made in 2019 which “unequivocally rejects efforts to create analogies between the Holocaust and other events, whether historical or contemporary.”

Perhaps the video’s most telling aspect is that it says at its start that “all ad revenue will be directly donated to local pregnancy centers.” Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of how YouTubers make money knows that ad revenue only refers to the money made from the ads playing on the video. That’s almost certainly not the only money they’re making. Additionally, “local pregnancy centers” is code for anti-abortion organizations where pregnant people are given disinformation about abortion and are actively dissuaded from having them. Worse so, these types of crisis pregnancy centers tend to primarily target low-income and people of color with their wacky, strategically placed billboards.

The LaBrants have never been shy about their Christian faith across their YouTube channels and beyond, but it is objectively gross that they’ve chosen to monetize the abortion debate. With just a quick perusal of the LaBrants’ page, you’ll see everything from a trip to the water park, cuddles with their dog Carl, Everleigh’s surprise birthday party, and more. To go from such family-friendly content to an attempt to galvanize the next generation of anti-abortion activists is a sizable leap. The LaBrants are well aware that we’re in the midst of Roe v. Wade being actively dismantled, and the Supreme Court is expected to overturn it outright in the coming months, which will put pregnant people’s lives in danger. Not once does this “documentary” address medical situations in which a pregnant person may need to get an abortion to stay alive, or if the pregnant person was raped or a victim of incest, or generally any other reason someone might not want to be forced by the government to give birth.

YouTube did not respond to Jezebel’s request for comment, but did seem to have one response to the onslaught of vitriol this video received: On his Instagram story over the weekend, Cole wrote to fans to share that Instagram took their feed post of the video down, but that “fortunately we have talked with our team at YouTube,” which agreed to leave the video up. Though, Cole said, the organization demonetized it and removed it out of the algorithm—which is why, despite having a few million views, it wasn’t surfacing as a trending video on the platform as of Monday. The comments on are also turned off.

Removed from the algorithm or not, the LaBrants still got their anti-Semitic, misogynistic propaganda in front of an audience of thousands of children and parents and got paid for it. For a couple who stands on their moral soapbox to influence people to not get abortions, it sure feels less than Christian that they’re exploiting their kids for a paycheck. But, whatever, Cole and Sav. Go with your God.

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