Florida Doctor Accused of Raping Sedated Patients Found Dead

Eric Andrew Salata, who allegedly gave patients laughing gas and Xanax and sexually assaulted them during cosmetic procedures, has died by suspected suicide.

Florida Doctor Accused of Raping Sedated Patients Found Dead
Image:Collier County, FL Sheriff’s Department, vzmaze (Getty Images)

Dr. Eric Andrew Salata, the Florida doctor accused of sexually assaulting two sedated patients while giving them cosmetic procedures, was found dead the woods near his home in South Florida on Monday evening. The doctor had been arrested just last week and had been wearing an ankle monitor.

The Daily Beast reported that Salata’s body was found after authorities performed a welfare check on the accused rapist. His tracker hadn’t moved for eight hours, and police became suspicious. He had a gunshot wound to his head, and a gun was found lying nearby.

In October, a 51-year-old woman recalled her horrifying experience in Salata’s office to police. She said Salata prescribed her alprazolam (better known as Xanax) during a consultation the day before, Naples Daily News reported. She was told to take the dosage before showing up for, what Salata said was, an “excruciatingly painful” procedure that would be three to four hours long.

The doctor also gave her laughing gas, which she told authorities disoriented her. Then she said Salata touched her private parts and violently shook the woman. When she asked what he was doing, he took his hands away, but soon after gave her more laughing gas because “she was in so much pain.”

Then Salata offered her alcohol to curb the pain. She turned down the whiskey, before the doctor gave her a clear liquid to drink. The woman told authorities she thinks it was tequila. But alcohol should not be mixed with alprazolam, and she passed out.

When the woman woke up, the woman said Salata was orally raping her. She eventually passed out again. When she woke up again, she says she saw the doctor penetrating her, before passing out again.

Salata was the only medical professional in the room, the woman told police. A 73-year-old woman also told police that the same doctor had raped her during a medical treatment.

An attorney for one of Salata’s victims, Adam Horowitz, told the Daily Beast that the doctor had evaded his client’s attempt to hold Salata “accountable” for his actions. “It is disappointing and frustrating that Dr. Salata has escaped justice,” Horowitz said in an email. “It took tremendous courage for my client to tell her truth. She was ready to hold him accountable in court.”

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