Florida Man Charged with Assaulting His Brother with Marijuana Plants


A man in Lakeland is accused of assaulting his brother with marijuana plants he was growing at his home.

When Florida Man isn’t tied up calling the cops because his mean wife threw out his beer, he’s growing marijuana plants and using them to assault people apparently. Via Fox News:

The fight happened Saturday evening shortly after 31-year-old Rodney Brown and 33-year-old Jackie Brown got into a verbal altercation at the house they share. Rodney Brown was arrested on charges that include domestic battery, cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana over 20 grams.
Jackie Brown told Polk County Sheriff’s deputies his brother uprooted several cannabis plants in varying lengths up to three feet and starting hitting him in the face with them. Deputies say Rodney Brown allowed them to search the property.

After the search, cops found more marijuana plants and a bunch of drug paraphernalia. They arrested Rodney Brown on domestic battery charges and he later posted bail. He’s probably at home now really missing all that weed, forced to rely on shotgunning Bud Lights to get his buzz on during Judge Judy. Poor Florida Man.

Image via Shutterstock.

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