Florida Woman Arrested for Killing Her Boyfriend By Leaving Him in a Suitcase

Florida Woman Arrested for Killing Her Boyfriend By Leaving Him in a Suitcase
Screenshot:Orange County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida woman has been arrested for locking her boyfriend inside a suitcase and leaving him there until he died.

What apparently began as an alcohol-fueled game of “get in the suitcase” ended quite grimly for Jorge Torres Jr., who was zipped into the bag during a game of hide-and-seek with his girlfriend, Sarah Boone. Per the Guardian,

Boone reportedly admitted she zipped Torres into the suitcase, went upstairs to bed and awoke the next morning to find him still inside and unresponsive, the documents alleged.

Boone told authorities that she had passed out the night before, awaking to find Torres dead. But Click Orlando reports that investigators found two videos on Boone’s phone that suggested there might have been something else going on:

Investigators said one video shows Torres yelling at Boone and telling her he can’t breathe while Boone laughs at his yelling.
I can’t (expletive) breathe, seriously,” Torres said in the video and Boon replied, “Yeah, that’s what you do when you choke me.”
Deputies said Torres continued to tell Boone he could not breathe and call out her name.
“That’s on you. Oh, that’s what I feel like when you cheat on me,” Boone said in the video, according to court records.

Deputies added that Boone could be heard laughing and telling Torres to “shut up,” saying that this was “for everything you’ve done to me.”

Shown the video by investigators, Boone agreed that it looked “bad.” She’s been charged with second-degree murder.

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