Foreign Affairs: The Great Australian Sperm Shortage


Australia decreeing that sperm donors must be identifiable to their future offspring has meant a severe sperm shortage in that country, as well as expensive imports from the U.S. Luckily, Stephen Colbert wants to do his part.

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Australian Sperm Shortage
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Let’s see, how many cliches about Australia can he get into one segment, with some penis-and-sperm jokes crossbred for good measure? Gratuitous Koala reference? Check. Digeridoo? Check. Dingo eating babies? Perfect. Even Foster’s and Outback Steakhouse get dragged in. We’ll give him credit for all of it except the frightful Australian accent, and the fact that Aussies don’t actually drink Foster’s. Related: Sperm Donor Shortage Dampens Aussie Hopes [Global Post]

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