Former Assistant at Vogue Accused of Stealing From Legendary Creative Director Grace Coddington 


The legal backlash against the fraudulently fabulous and well-heeled scammers of Manhattan (no, not those) continues.

The New York Post reported on Wednesday that a former Vogue staffer—an assistant to the magazine’s then creative director-at-large, Grace Coddington—was arrested and charged for allegedly stealing from her boss.

According to the Post’s sources (court documents and law enforcement), Yvonne Bannigan, who was born in Dublin, racked up $53,564 in unauthorized credit card purchases on Coddington’s credit card. Bannigan’s LinkedIn page says she’s 25 years old and previously interned at Elle magazine. She was arrested in April, according to the criminal complaint.

Bannigan was also accused of selling some of Coddington’s property through an online luxury consignment store, netting her an additional $9,000. Her lawyer, Michael Cornacchia told the Post, “We believe there’s been a misunderstanding which we hope will be sorted out. She has no prior record, and she’s a naturalized US citizen. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

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