Former CBS News President Once Held Up a 'I Hate My Job' Sign In Corporate Budget Meeting

Former CBS News President Once Held Up a 'I Hate My Job' Sign In Corporate Budget Meeting
Photo:Evan Agostini/Invision/AP (AP)

Most of us know the feeling of hating a job—whether it’s working retail at a mall or being stuck in a cubicle all day, it’s hard to avoid having at least one work experience that makes you want to go into the bathroom and scream (or cry).

But I’d caution to say that very few of us have been quite as open about our hatred for our jobs as former CBS News president Susan Zirinsky, who recently stepped down from her role at CBS after getting so fed up that she literally wrote “I hate my job” on a piece of paper and held it above her head “in protest” during a corporate budget meeting. Honestly, I admire the bluntness! If I’d been able to be that direct about my feelings about the jobs I’ve hated…. well, I probably would have been fired on the spot. But still!

Page Six reports that sources say that it’s been clear since Zirinsky started in the role that it wasn’t a good fit, with one insider saying that the network has been searching for a successor for her since late 2020. “It’s not a good fit” is certainly a mild way to describe hating a job so much that you literally telegraph it in a public meeting for everyone to see! There is no worse feeling than being stuck in a job you don’t want to do anymore, and I imagine the knowledge that they were planning to replace her sometime soon anyway certainly didn’t help build Zirinsky’s enthusiasm for the role.

Zirinsky, who is best known for the role she played in shepherding the career of broadcast journalist Gayle King, plans to sign a production deal with CBS’s parent company with ViacomCBS. Let’s hope her next job is a better fit!

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