Fox News Invites 'Panel of Fathers' to Discuss the Merits of Leggings


Would you let your daughter wear leggings out? I wouldn’t, but that’s because I don’t let my daughter leave her coat closet.

On Tuesday, Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy invited a “panel of fathers” onto the program to discuss whether they would allow their daughters to leave the house in leggings. The newsworthy discussion was based on a newly viral video of a Tennessean woman chastising women for wearing too-sheer pants in leggings weather, which she happens to love.

The panel consisted of Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Fox legal analyst Arthur Aidala, and husband to Fox’s Julie Banderas, Andrew Sansone.

In case you were wondering:

  • Robertson has no problem with leggings, because his daughters wear shirts long enough to cover the “lady parts.”
  • Aidala has a rule in his household: “If it’s not worn in the monastery, it’s not worn out on the street.”
  • Sansone has babies, and feels it is appropriate and “cute” for babies to wear leggings.

Then, they brought out three women wearing leggings and analyzed their outfits and whether or not they thought them too crude.

“The guys are looking at Caitlin now,” Doocy said.

“Well, actually I’m not looking,” joked Aidala.

“Do you have a tattoo? Or is that too personal,” Doocy asked before promising, “We’ll validate your parking.”

Then, they brought out a woman named Paige in a tank top and spandex. “Woof,” said Aidala before shriek laughing. “Pass.”

“We all took our nitroglycerin pills before she came on the set, just to make sure,” Aidala joked. “Obviously her physique, God bless you, you’ve worked out, you’ve earned that. And there are appropriate places to wear that but I wouldn’t wear that to church on Sunday.”

“But you’re completely comfortable in this?” Doocy asked Paige.

“I am.”

See? We are all having fun.

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Image via Fox News.

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