Frances Bean Lashes Out At Mom Courtney Love

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  • Francis Bean Cobain allegedly sent a message out to her mother, Courtney Love, via (an unverified) Twitter account.

The message read: “I pity your inability to love yourself. I hope you find your soul, wherever it may be. stop acting like a prepubescent feral cat.” Ouch. The account has since been deleted. [Showbiz Spy, Perez]

  • Lindsay Lohan has her driver’s license back! [Daily Mail]
  • In the first photo of Lindsay Lohan after rehab and jail, she is wearing black Ray-Ban sunglasses, a black leather jacket, black top, black shorts and black knee socks with black buckle shoes. She has headphones around her neck and a black Birkin, and she is carrying a Rockstar energy drink. Her hair is parted in the middle and pulled back, and she has some red roots showing. Scintillating stuff. [TMZ]
  • Britney continues to be on vacation in Hawaii, taking time to wrap her legs around her boyfriend now and then. [The Sun]
  • Investigators presented their evidence to prosecutors in the Mel Gibson case yesterday, and now “prosecutors are considering whether to bring charges against Mel Gibson in connection with a domestic violence investigation.” [CNN]
  • “The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department will re-interview Mel Gibson in connection with its extortion investigation.” [TMZ]
  • Katy Perry is doing a free show at the outdoor plaza at the Today show on Friday, and fans have already started lining up. Katy Tweeted: “I had special Teenage Dream pillows & blankys made just for those of you that are camping out for the Today show! Yay!”[Contact Music]
  • In what is clearly a desperate attempt to remain relevant, Jennifer Lopez says she would like to work with Kanye West. [Digital Spy]
  • Mariah Carey has been getting unsolicited uterus inquiries and felt the need to respond: “I appreciate everyone’s well wishes. But I am very superstitious. When the time is right, everyone will know–even [my publicist] Cindi Berger.” [The Life Files]
  • A prankster put a “GAY MEN ON BOARD” sign on the back of the SUV being driven by Jersey Shore stars Vinny and The Situation. [Janet Charlton’s Hollywood]
  • Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in a film adaptation of a British miniseries, Unforgiven. She’d play a a woman just out of prison for murdering two policeman, trying to rebuild her life with a new boyfriend — but also being threatened by the vengeful sons of her victims. Oh, and in the script, the boyfriend’s name is Brad. [Just Jared]
  • Emma Watson might quit acting! She says: “I think I need to find some real belief in myself away from [acting]. I know that I can play Hermione but I don’t know… I really think I need to recharge my batteries and go and be me for a bit.” [Daily Express]
  • Sean Penn has quite a few things to say about Haiti and Wyclef Jean — enough for a long essay which ends: “hese elections are crucial, and I have no part in them. Neither should Mr. Jean.” [HuffPo]
  • As you may know, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have broken up. What you may not know is that it’s not the first time. They’re on-and-off, mostly because Miley is super focused on work. Or so says Ted Casablanca. [E!]
  • Blah blah Spencer Pratt blah blah couples counseling blah blah Heidi Montag blah blah blah. [TMZ]
  • Chris Brown was seen having a boys’ night out in NYC with Lil’ Jon, Drake and (sigh) Idris Elba. [Page Six]
  • Rihanna dated both Drake and Chris Brown, by the by. [Gatecrasher]
  • What Tyra Banks had for dinner: Water, watermelon salad and shrimp cocktail. [Page Six]
  • Elizabeth Hurley doesn’t believe adults should eat breakfast. [The Sun]
  • Kirstie Alley will be on Dancing With The Stars. [Miami Herald via In Touch]
  • Michael Cera is developing a new comedy series for the FX network, and yes, it does revolve around a young man “stuck in the limbo between childhood and adulthood,” why do you ask? [Digital Spy]
  • Gay kissing: Coming to Modern Family. [E!]
  • Nadya Suleman is “rapidly running out of money” and her lawyer has taken over ownership of her home. [Daily Mail]
  • Breaking: Penn Jillette cut his hair. [LA Times]
  • Hollywood Ruins Everything, Part Six Billion: Yogi Bear will be a 3D movie. [USA Today]
  • Former WWE star Chyna claims she was bitten by a poisonous spider, causing a spot on her leg to swell up. She didn’t go to the emergency room because “it would have cost too much. What she did do was use a knife to “dig out the swollen golf-ball sized lump that had formed in her leg,” leaving a “nasty, bloody crater.” And if you’re not nauseated yet, there are pictures at the link! [TMZ]
  • “Watching one of the High School Musicals with my son. The cougar in me loves Zac Efron.” — Elizabeth Hurley. [Contact Music]
  • “She was awesome – you go by your instinct for somebody that might be right for a part, and she’s so great in the movie. She has a great character, a great twist and a great arc and it’ll really surprise people.” — Robert Rodriguez, on Lindsay Lohan in Machete. [Mirror]
  • “My problem is that I might go to an event or something and people I have known for years will come up to say hi and I don’t recognize them… I know the voice but here’s this new face and I have no idea who it is. I’m just lucky gravity has taken over so I don’t need it.” — Betty White laments the rampant plastic surgery in Hollywood. [Showbiz Spy]
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