Gal Gadot Stopped By a Virginia Children's Hospital Dressed As Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot squeezed into her Wonder Woman costume for the benefit of some the kids at a Virginia children’s hospital on Friday, which was extremely kind of her considering she probably doesn’t want to spend any more time in that thing than she already has to.

According to the Washington Examiner, Gadot had been filming the movie’s sequel near the Inova Children’s Hospital hospital in Falls Church, Virginia, when she decided to drop by and bring a bunch of light to the kids’ lives.

While she was there, Gadot posed for photos with both the staff and patients. How nice!*

Wonder Woman 1984 has been filming in the D.C. area for a few weeks. Chris Pine will return as Diana’s love interest, despite dying in the first movie. Kristen Wiig will also join the cast as a new villain called Cheetah. I wonder if it will have a scene where the White House blows up!

*Or, “what a great promotional opportunity!” Because I am a cynical blog shrew and my heart is spiders.

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