Garbage Cans Become Wifi Hotspots in Perfect Metaphor for the Internet


The Internet: Now brought to you by a pile of rancid garbage. Literally.

Popular Science reports that “Bigbelly,” which makes solar-powered public garbage cans festooned with sensors, wired a couple of its downtown Manhattan machines last winter. And now they want to expand the program:

The company now wants to turn more of its several hundred garbage and recycling bins in New York City into Wi-Fi hotspots. Bigbelly is applying for a grant from the Mayor’s Office to install the Wi-Fi garbage cans in underserved neighborhoods. The company also plans to conduct more pilot tests this year, and fully deploy units in the fall if they get Board approval. Other North American cities will soon have their own wireless trash cans, too.

So be sure to watch out for fellow pedestrians distracted by hot takes, anti-vax screeds, and gonzo porn.

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Photo via AP Images.

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