Get Your Bougie Capitol Self Some Hunger Games Makeup


The first images have been released for the makeup you, YES, you can buy from CoverGirl’s Capitol Collection, inspired by The Hunger Games book two, Catching Fire. As seen in the images above, of District 1 (“Luxury”) at left and District 4 (“Fishing”) at right, the collection is about displaying pure wealth, not the the sad poverty that most of the people in The Hunger Games world live in.

Fashionista reports that the collection “involves Panem-inspired nail polish, nail decals, mascara, lip gloss, and more–all of which were used on Jennifer Lawrence and co. in the film.” There will allegedly be makeup devoted to each of the districts, not just the wealthy ones, which means we can expect lots of black sparkly kohl eyes for Katniss’s District 12 (mining). That being said, the collection seems to pull heavily from what the tributes look like on television when they’re prepping for the Games and doing interviews on television, when their aesthetic is integral to them getting sponsored and surviving the Games. Just like in real life, where you have to wear makeup to make sure you’re not killed by one of your coworkers during a routine office meeting.

The Hunger Games makeup collection comes out in October. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds of remaining beautiful ever be in your favor!


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