Glenn Beck Admits Weakness In The Face Of Glee


On Thursday Glenn Beck delivered an epically moronic rant about how Glee is destroying America. Now, if you think Beck attacked this week’s 90-minute Glee acceptancepalooza, which featured a dreamy gay guy serenading his boyfriend and a girl urging her lady love to come out, you’re giving him more credit than he deserves. While Victoria Jackson ranted about the Kurt/Blaine kiss and conservative critic Dan Gainor said Ryan Murphy was using the series to “promote his gay agenda,” Beck’s rant is just plain idiotic.

Beck isn’t upset that Glee is the most pro-gay show for kids since Teletubbies. In fact, it seems he hates and loves Glee (as he hates and loves himself). He says:

This show stands out and stands for almost every value that I have … I’ve seen this show twice this year with my wife this year and I’ve watched it in stunned horror combined with a sense of admiring awe. It is a brilliant, brilliant show. Very, very well done. But it is a horror show. All of the characters are extremely good-looking, extremely talented. She’s by the way hysterical [points at Jane Lynch]. Everybody in here is somebody that your kids would want to be like.
Except everybody is sleeping with everybody else, there’s no values, it’s all self-gratification, it’s a nightmare … Brilliant songs and performances brilliantly edited, brilliantly shots … I looked at my wife and I said, “There is no way to beat this.”

He then plays one of Glee‘s least memorable numbers, “Sing” by My Chemical Romance, and posts the supposedly-threatening lyrics. Even if kids don’t understand the meaning behind “Born This Way,” they’ll definitely understand lines like “cleaned up corporation progress/dying in the progress/children that can talk about it.”

GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios responded to Beck and other conservative critics saying,

“Fair-minded Americans are tuning in by the millions to inclusive shows like Glee and Modern Family because they don’t care whether someone is straight or gay – what they care about is seeing characters and stories they can relate to.”

Barrios meant well, but he really didn’t need to dignify this drivel with an answer. Jackson already invalidated her own argument by pointing out that the Bible lists homosexuality and gossiping as equal sins, and American’s aren’t exactly hanging on Dan Gainor’s every word (in fact, most don’t know who he is). As for Beck, we won’t have to worry about his nonsensical ramblings for much longer — especially if Americans follow his advice and throw their TVs out the window in a fit of rage and misguided patriotism.

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