Guy Studies Doll, Falls In Love With Her


One filmmaker set out to make a documentary about people who collect Lars and the Real Girl -style adult dolls. By the end, he owned 12 and had become a convert.

In the preview, the project seems innocent enough (if kind of static: thing about a film about shlepping a doll around, it’s not that dynamic). The Canadian filmmaker Dave Hockey — who, by the way, is married — presents the whole thing as a light-hearted piece of stunt filmmaking. But in an interview about “All Dolled Up,” his relationship to his 12 dolls (one of whom was an actual Lars costar) clearly goes deeper than that. He says he’s grown attached to her and says,

I like having her around…And I started taking a liking to the community. This has turned out to be much more than just a documentary. It has been a three-year journey of discovery and self-awareness.

He also feels that the dolls are a healthy form of sex toy — in their proximity to a real human — and that they can even help people with intimacy issues. That said, he tells Metro that “Some people in the doll community – iDollators – prefer dolls over a normal human relationship. But for me they’re just dolls, not people.”

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