Hallelujah: Americans Will Finally Be Able to Shop at H&M Online


Praise the Goddess of Fast Fashion: After operating here for 13 years, hip, affordable Swedish retailer H&M is finally going to offer online shopping to those of us in the U.S.

Bloomberg reports:

If the hype is to be believed this time around — the Stockholm-based retailer has postponed twice before — in August H&M will enter the world’s biggest online apparel market, allowing American shoppers to click to buy $12.95 zebra-striped ballet flats and $59.95 trenchcoats.

August? That’s in two days. (Keep in mind there’s no info on when in August, ugh, and earlier this year the retailer claimed the shopping site was supposed to launch in June.)

Right now, the U.S. is H&M’s second-biggest market (the first is Germany). It should be noted that while there’s been a lot of scrutiny of fast fashion’s problems, H&M is one of the retailers that signed the Bangladesh Factory Safety Deal. The company also has a conscious collection, which attempts to sell sustainable clothing. And since sometimes, in Manhattan, the wait for the fitting room at H&M can be ridiculous, this online shopping stuff is pretty exciting. I’m already on the site, hitting refresh.

[Bloomberg via Business of Fashion]

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