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Media Matters’ Political Correction notices that the Republican National Committee’s homepage is featuring a blog called “RNCWomen: Obama’s Report Card” as a “trending” item among “hot topics.” Not that hot — it hasn’t been updated in months, and much of it content is devoted to attacking Nancy Pelosi.

How is that a woman’s perspective? Because girls are such bitches to each other!

We’re concerned that the RNC may have run out of ideas to fuel its contribution to the femiladyblogosphere. So we’ve decided to be bipartisan and use the opportunity to use our experience to the benefit of the Republican National Committee. Some headlines:

  • Study Links Abortions To Terrorism
  • And Also To The Budget Deficit
  • You Didn’t Really Need That Contraception, You Whore
  • How Welfare Ruined My Life: One Woman’s Moving Tale Of Self-Sufficiency
  • What To Wear To Pray The Gay Away
  • The Pay Gap: Figment Of Your Ladybrain?
  • Breastfeeding: The Socialist Conspiracy

Yours in the comments. Photoshop illustrations optional.

“RNC Women” Blog Exists Primarily To Attack First Woman To Serve As Speaker [Political Correction]

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