Here are the Worst U.S. Cities For Allergies


This list of America’s sneeziest cities (the worst places for fall allergies) will be incredibly validating for those who are sniffly in Wichita, Kansas; Jackson, Mississippi; Knoxville, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky or Memphis, Tennessee. Otherwise, you’ll probably just be pissed.

For example: I feel annoyed that my city is only #56 on this list, yet my eyes are puffy and I can’t stop sneezing and I’m itchy under my neck (I don’t know why I get itchy under my neck when I have allergies, so don’t ask). Additionally, I feel annoyed that perusing Shutterstock photos of women in pollen-y fields makes me even more sniffly.

Let’s all move to Portland, Oregon (#100) — although, for what it’s worth, I used to live in #88 (San Francisco) and my allergies were pretty horrible there, too. My sinuses are nothing if not determined.

Image viaShestakoff/Shutterstock.


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