Here is Your First Glimpse at Wonder Woman's New Costume


She’s here at last, and she is bringing it.

This weekend, Zac Snyder/Warner Bros. released the first official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and yep, she looks pretty fierce. Take a gander.

Clearly, she’s a little less patriotic and a bit more Xena—the signature red and blue with stars get-up has been ditched for a less saturated but more warrior-style outfit. Not too much warrior though—the skirt/loin guard is still short, and the heeled boots (what is that, 3.5 inches?) are still long. But she does have her sword and what looks like her lasso on her right hip there, and most importantly, WRIST CUFFS.

Honestly, even though I have yet to completely warm up to the movie (being the frigid fan that I am), I’m okay with this. Maybe because it’s not exactly a drastic departure from the standard Wonder Woman costume, and maybe because it has less cleavage than pretty much every other representation of her. Yes, she’s obviously showing more skin than Batman or Superman will be showing (though it’s never too late for the Batsuit to become a Bat Leotard, just saying, and it’s not like clothing did anything but hold Superman back), but the costume does exude more warrior than I expected it to. Now I’m just curious to see how it looks in action.

Also, our friends over at io9 have been covering Comic-Con all weekend and were there to see the reveal first hand!

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