Here's How Famous Celebrities Instagrammed Their Famous Thanksgivings


The food gluttony, couch unity and familial harmony (ha) that often comprises Thanksgiving Day looks so much more attractive when highly stylized by famous rich people and, presumably, their design directors.

Of course, if you and yours even celebrate the holiday as what it’s taught to us in school, “traditional” is not that traditional, per se. For instance, you may have learned in eighth grade civics class that if founding father/electricity monger Ben Franklin had his way, the only wild turkey Americans would be consuming on Thanksgiving would be in the form of hard booze (and if your freaky uncle happened to drink some yesterday: peace be with you). Turkey and stuffing gets touted by Butterball and Stouffer’s the only way to go, but pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving ate deer and watercress. If your family is immigrant or thereabouts, shout to your tamales, callaloo, Andhra mutton curry, mangu, dim sum, whatever you have—all of that. And as this peek into celebrity Instagram shows us, no matter how we celebrate, the main point of unity is being with people we love. (And, maybe, that goddamn parade.)

Above: Thanksgiving á la Khloe Kardashian, who promises she baked it all herself and will provide proof via her app. She also had a lovely table…

…but, shit, it couldn’t really rival Martha’s (no one’s could).

Reese Witherspoon tried it.

Or, if you’re Oprah, you just rent out the Rainbow Room real quick…

Celeb chef Eddie Huang, of Fresh Off the Boat fame, shared some helpful cooking tips for next Thanksgiving which, lord willing, will be the only time you have to think about Donald Trump in November 2016.

FLOTUS, the President (in an approximation of Hotline Bling Dad look) and the first daughters served Americans in need.

Tracee Ellis Ross busted out a whole mess of greens, everyone approved.

Gina Rodriguez threw down a salsa in the cocina, not bad at all!

Hillary Clinton gave us a #TBT; Bill looks like a bartender at Baby’s All Right.

Miley Cyrus’s own #TBT: Billy Ray’s scruffy ‘90s mullet gave Bill Clinton’s ‘80s palm wave a run for its money.

Kiernan Shipka’s #TBT was very #FTS.

These pies are intriguing, but mostly interested in the fact that Jennifer Lopez seems to have a picture frame engraved with “Just Me and My Coconuts.”

That cliché about supermodels eating whatever they want like no big…

Emma Roberts promised she did not wake up like this.

Taraji P. Henson, though, very much did!

Katy Perry’s abuelita was feeling it.

Cristela Alonzo was heartbreakingly true, and the essence of thankfulness.

And Karlie Kloss compiled a video of her many attractive friends telling us what they’re thankful for—family, obviously, but Derek Blasberg is apparently most happy that “pajama sets” exist.

Personally, I am thankful that Diddy is never not 100% himself.

I’m also thankful for Mariah, and her occasional irreverence for footwear.

And for The Rock.

Jussie Smollett is apparently already in the mood for the next holiday, but be honest: could any of us resist putting those cute reindeer antlers on that tiny child?

Britney was in the mood for Christmas, too.

Also, Monica and her adorable babies.

Senator Cory Booker helped out kids in his home city; please note cheeky boy in the corner wearing a “U MAD BRO?” shirt. Same!

Putting this here mainly for North…

Gabrielle Giffords and Mark ate bird in the sun.

Jenny Lewis celebrated with a cute crew and puppy.

Vanessa Hudgens’s crew was cute too but they went to DISNEYLAND. How can a girl get an invite one time?

Janelle Monáe imparted a message with heart.

Parting advice from Lupita Nyong’o: if you’re stuffed, it’s probably good to lie down. Just for a minute…

So how’d you do it?

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Images via Instagram.

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