Hero Concierge Delivers Requested Pics of Nicolas Cage in Hotel


It is a real known science fact that everything is better with Nicolas Cage in it. The more you Cageify something, the more spectacular it becomes. Hotel rooms are no exception.

An Imgur user going by the genius handle FreePsychicReadings posted this epic example of Cageifying done properly. “I had the funniest hotel concierge EVER during a boring business trip,” she posted on Monday. “Thank you so much, Ramon!” Ramon is quite possibly the greatest hotel concierge in the history of the hospitality industry. As evidence, I offer the following the story, via Imgur.

FreePsychicReadings thought she was having some silly fun when she made this request. “I got this text when I checked into the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk basically letting me know if I needed anything, I just needed to ask. For shits and giggles during my boring work conference, I asked for a framed picture of Nic Cage in Con Air. When I got an affirmative response, I thought it was auto generated and went about my day.”

But Ramon did not fuck around. Ramon delivered. He Cageified that shit:

You’re probably saying to yourself, this is just a fluke. FreePsychiciReadings probably did this as a joke or something but that’s the best this is going to get. She’s not going to push her luck, right? Wrong.

But sadly, the picture of Cage from Moonstruck never appeared in the bathroom. Cageify failure. Don’t worry, though! A new hero, Dashae, flew in at the last minute for the rescue.

Cageifying: Better late than never.

By now you are probably thinking that this ABSOLUTELY has to be the last of the Cage photos she requested! Except it’s not. (I wonder if Dashae is like the Robin to Ramon’s Batman?)

Lastly, without even having to ask, our hero hotel concierge Cageifying team delivered one last parting goodbye. This, perhaps the most sacred image of all Cage images, was posted on her door:

In the comments to her post, FreePsychicReadings swears this isn’t a viral stunt for the hotel’s marketing. She did not confirm/deny if she was, in fact, the actual Nicolas Cage in disguise. He’s that good of an actor so we may never know the truth.

Apparently requesting pictures of Cage in your hotel room is a thing people do now. I wish I knew this before my last out of town trip! I would have had them give me about five pictures of Cage in Honeymoon in Vegas sprinkled with a few from National Treasure 2.

Image via Touchstone.

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