Herschel Walker’s Closing Message: ‘I Don’t Even Know What the Heck Is a Pronoun’

"What I want our military men and women to do is to be at war fighting," the Senate candidate said ahead of Tuesday's critical runoff election.

Herschel Walker’s Closing Message: ‘I Don’t Even Know What the Heck Is a Pronoun’
Photo:Takayuki Fuchigami (AP)

Herschel Walker, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia, doesn’t seem to know what a lot of things are. He claimed to not know women he allegedly dated, impregnated, and pressured to have abortions. He straight-up told voters he’s “not that smart.” And now, the candidate says he has no idea what a pronoun is—a thing most of us learned roughly in second grade.

“They’re bringing pronouns into our military, they’re bringing wokeness into our military—I don’t even know what the heck is a pronoun,” he said at a rally Sunday. “I can tell you that I’m sick and tired of this pronoun stuff. What I want our military men and women to do is to be at war fighting.” Fighting whom? Doesn’t matter—just go to war, please. We love a good war.

This is one hell of a closing message for a man in a critical Senate race, at a time when Democrats and Republicans are set up for a potential 50-50 tie. And it very much explains why men like Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have been chaperoning his TV appearances, to make sure he doesn’t go off on random rants about vampires and floating Chinese air.

This, mind you, is a man who flashed a fake police badge as “proof” he’s an honorary cop at a televised debate with Warnock in October. Walker has also previously railed against the amount of trees we have. And at the same weekend rally in which he admitted to not knowing what pronouns are, Walker claimed the Green New Deal won’t work because he, personally, has never seen a charging station for electric cars.

Gaffes and general tomfoolery have become something of an everyday occurrence for Walker’s campaign. Last week, reports indicated that despite running in Georgia, Walker’s own tax filings suggest his primary residence is his Dallas, Texas, mansion. (This, of course, prompted Warnock’s tasteful joke last week: “Walker was an amazing running back, and come next Tuesday, we’re going to send him running back to Texas.”)

But don’t let any of these admittedly comedic shenanigans distract you from the numerous, gravely concerning allegations that have been directed at the candidate. Three women have alleged that Walker was physically violent with them. His own son Christian said that Walker repeatedly threatened to kill him and Christian’s mother, Walker’s first wife. One of the women who says Walker was violent toward her also claimed she witnessed firsthand just how little control Walker has over his dissociative identity disorder in a Daily Beast report from last week. As for the allegations that Walker paid for two different women’s abortions, the only thing that’s problematic about this history is that, today, Walker wants to totally ban abortion if elected to the Senate.

This is also a man who’s claimed trans kids can’t get into heaven because God won’t recognize them, and proposed that the solution to the Uvalde shooting that killed nearly two dozen school children is to create “a department that can look at young men that’s looking at women that’s looking at social media.”

Of course, Walker remains wholeheartedly endorsed by former President Trump as well as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and most top Republicans—except Georgia’s Republican lieutenant governor, Geoff Duncan, who admitted he could not bring himself vote for Walker last month. “I had two candidates that I just couldn’t find anything that made sense for me to put my vote behind, and so I walked out of that ballot box showing up to vote but not voting for either one of them,” Duncan said of his decision on CNN last week. Yikes.

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