Hire This Congressional Intern Who Screamed 'Fuck You' at Trump


It took a few days, but the source of the loud, unwavering “Mr. President, fuck you,” that reverberated through the Capitol last week has been identified. Her name is Caitlin Marriott, and she’s a 21-year-old intern for Senator Maggie Hassan, a Democrat from New Hampshire. Hire her. Hire her now.

The Hill reports that Marriott’s comeuppance includes restricted access in the Capitol and some other gentle slaps on the wrist that ultimately won’t matter. As Hassan’s communications director said in a statement:

“We are aware of the situation and have taken disciplinary action, including a one-week suspension and revoking her Congressional intern ID badge (thereby restricting her access to the Capitol), in response to her breach of office policies regarding respectful and appropriate conduct. We also facilitated contact with Capitol Police,” Jacobs said.

Not the Congressional intern ID badge! Anyway, politics probably isn’t the best field to enter if you care about speaking the unvarnished truth, though of course there should be more people like Marriott out there and screaming into Trump’s radish face. (And denying his cronies service at restaurants and generally making life as miserable as possible.)

But when that doesn’t pan out, hopefully she’ll consider a career in journalism.

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