Hm, Did Jonah Hill Really ‘Ruin Surfing’?

Some people seem mad that Jonah Hill surfs now....

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Hm, Did Jonah Hill Really ‘Ruin Surfing’?

Many people are saying things about Jonah Hill. A friend recently confided to me that she thinks he is “secret hot.” Elsewhere, Sharon Stone said some words about his body when he expressly requested that everyone hold their tongue. And now, it seems a community of surfers are upset that he is surfing.

Mr. Hill came across a sticker reading “Jonah Hill Ruined Surfing,” and shared said sticker on his Instagram story, followed by a rebuttal: “I will never stop doing things that make me happy no matter how insecure my happiness makes you.” Wonderful sentiment from a man who seems to be finding a lane for himself as a body positivity icon.


Though I am not a surfer and have not spent any time near where Jonah Hill is surfing, I will posit a theory: Perhaps surfers are just territorial and clannish, and are upset that Jonah Hill’s presence in their surf spot brings paparazzi, attention, and crowds. Again, I’ve never surfed, but I have watched two episodes of 100 Foot Wave, and, embarrassingly, reread Barbarian Days over the summer, in which New Yorker writer William Finnegan waxes poetic about shirking adult responsibility in favor of chasing the big waves. My understanding of surfing is that surfers want privacy, so that they can hang ten on the shelf of the whatever and commune with a power that is greater than themselves. Jonah Hill “ruining” surfing isn’t actually true, but rather the presence of Jonah Hill as a celebrity and the attendant headaches that come with being famous are what is “ruining” surfing. [Just Jared]

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