Honey Boy Director Supports FKA Twigs Amidst Shia LeBeouf Abuse Allegations

Honey Boy Director Supports FKA Twigs Amidst Shia LeBeouf Abuse Allegations
Photo:Jemal Countess (Getty Images)

Alma Har’el, the director of Shia LeBeouf’s film Honey Boy, has come forward to stand in solidarity with FKA Twigs and Karolyn Pho, two of LeBeouf’s former girlfriends who recently accused the actor of abuse. Last Friday, FKA Twigs filed a lawsuit against LeBeouf, accusing him of sexual battery, physical assault, and emotional distress. The suit also references an incident of abuse that allegedly occurred between LeBeouf and Pho, another past girlfriend, during which Pho says the actor head-butted her until she bled.

Honey Boy, an autobiographical coming-of-age drama written by LeBeouf about his own childhood, was critically acclaimed after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019. It was Har’el’s first feature film, and during the process of filming she and LeBeouf reportedly grew close.

In a statement released on Thursday, Har’el wrote:

“I have a deep respect for FKA Twigs’ courage and resilience. Reading what she endured left me heartbroken and I stand with her in solidarity. I’m sending my love to her, Karolyn Pho, all victims of domestic violence, and everyone who is trying to stop cycles of abuse.
As a filmmaker and an artist, I am drawn to stories that help us develop empathy for the messy parts of the human condition. Like many of Shia’s collaborators and fans who battled substance abuse, suffered childhood trauma, and face mental illness, I am painfully aware of my past investment in his recovery. I want to send a clear message today that none of the above should excuse, minimize, or rationalize domestic violence.”

Har’el is also making a donation in Barnett and Pho’s names to organizations that support victims of domestic violence. Read her full statement here.

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