Hope Hicks Is Loving L.A.!!!


Former White House communications director, Trump stooge, and contour queen Hope Hicks has been transitioning away from the Washington press pool to the Hollywood one. Hicks has been Fox’s chief communications officer out in Los Angeles since October, and according to Vanity Fair, she’s having… an okay time!

In a piece that is at times overly precious and overly intrigued by a woman who isn’t actually that fucking interesting, gossip abounds.

Over the years, Hicks had become an ever present Trump appendage, a surrogate daughter, de facto whisperer and translator. She was a Zelig-like character in the White House telenovela—a witness in the Mueller probe, a young woman who admitted to Congress that she had told “white lies” on behalf of her boss… More than anything, though, Hicks was an enigma. Not yet 30 years old, was she a neophyte or a calculating and ambitious striver who advanced her way up the greasy pole by blithely defending Trump’s behavior…

But the Trump days are behind her, baby! She’s lying for a new boss now. Hicks’s parents allegedly joked that moving to L.A. would be a great opportunity for Hicks to develop a healthy relationship for once. Still, her pivot from Washington monster to L.A. monster wasn’t without its speed bumps. For example: She wore too much fucking makeup! Bolding mine:

In Hollywood, beauty is defined by the sort of effortless, invisible cool made possible only by a great deal of effort and a whole lot of money. Hicks, a former Ralph Lauren model and a student of the Trump aesthetic, often arrived in black sunglasses, blown-out chestnut hair, and a full face of makeup. “It was four P.M. when I met her, and it was like an alien landed in the middle of Los Angeles,” one reporter told me. “That’s not the L.A. vibe. That doesn’t play out here.”

As a native Angeleno, I can attest that moneyed East Coast glamour look is out of place in Los Angeles. But until we have proof of Hicks taking an early morning spin class and entering the Fox building with a green juice in hand and an anecdote about the traffic at the ready, it’s safe to assume that she’s sticking to her routine.

In fact, we know she is:

Hicks still wakes up at four A.M., though more out of habit than necessity. She has not once turned on the television in her apartment, according to someone familiar with her new routine, and opted against installing one in her office. She reads the paper in print leisurely in the morning, and listens to audiobooks at home and on her commute to work.

Aside from her sartorial faux pas, Hicks seems to be enjoying her new start caping for right wingers on Pacific Standard Time. Great. Fantastic.

Read the full Vanity Fair piece here.

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