How, Pray Tell, Does One Dress For A Smartphone Party?


Celebrities aren’t really just like us, in that they love to go to the launch parties of new phones. In this case, the Vertu’s smartphone a NYC’s Berry Hill Galleries. And they dress up for the phones, too!

We can never fault anyone for channeling Cher Horowitz, Robin Lively!

Alina Cho knows the true versatility of an LBD: in a pinch, it can even double as a Thomas Paine costume!

Speaking of costumes, Daisy Prince has Halloween on lock — “Heidi” is always a last-minute failsafe.

Walking away with it, Alice St. Clair Erskine, looking far more adorable and less Keats-like than the components would suggest!

Coralie Charriol Paul, in rich, Parisian-style BCBG neutrals.

This is what the magazines are fond of referring to as “toughening up a girly dress with a motorcycle jacket.” Sure to please one’s man, result in a hilarious confession!

Adrian Grenier, as usual, looks like he could do with what Ian Fleming termed “a damn good scrubbing.”

[Images via Getty]

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