'I Don't Know What This Event Is' Perfectly Describes This Aubrey Plaza Trailer


By far, the weirdest movie I saw during my absolutely fun and not exhausting Sundance jaunt in Utah (during the throes of winter) was An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn, a movie starring Aubrey Plaza in a weird role, Jemaine Clement in a strange role, and Craig Robinson in an even stranger role.

The movie, in theaters October 19, stars Plaza as Lulu Danger, a newly jobless woman whose dream to meet an eccentric grunting magician (played by Craig Robinson) is actualized in the most outlandish fashion. This absurdist adventure also involves Lulu’s husband-boss Shane (Emile Hirsch) and Clement’s love-interest character Colin and comes by way of various criminal hijinx, awkward silence, and gaudy outfits, including fuzzy turtlenecks.

As IndieWire explains, Mr. Beverly’s show is what “becomes the backdrop for the heist Shane engineers to save his business.” This movie is deeply ludicrous in a way I couldn’t quite get into upon first viewing but should be familiar to anyone who knows British director Jim Hosking, the same guy behind The Greasy Strangler.

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