If You Are a Woman, You Use Your Phone Differently Than a Man


When they’re not busy making computer technology and being started by Bill Gates, Microsoft is doing research. Or more specifically, Facebook polling, on things that will better your life and teach you things, like how “both genders see eye to eye on mobile phone pet peeves but differ when protecting their personal information on the go.”

Here are their findings:

Things everyone hates:

– Those people that are always on their phone. (Everyone.)

– Those people that talk loudly when they are on their phones. (Everyone.)

– Those people whose phones go off when they’re not supposed to. (Everyone.)

– Those people who are on the phone when they’re supposed to be talking to you. (Everyone.)

– “Delaying traffic by using phones.” (I guess this means people who talk on their phones in traffic even though it’s illegal a lot of places and then get distracted.)

Things men are good at and women are bad at:

– men are a whole two to three percent better at using their phones in a safe and secure manner i.e. passwords and shit.

– men are better at updating their apps and stuff which means their phones won’t break all the livelong day.

Things women are good at and men are bad at:

– men are a lot worse at realizing when someone is spamming them from Nigeria.

– women are good at making sure their Facebook profiles are stripped clean so they won’t get cyber reputation attacked (maybe because it happens all the time).

I feel like we learned a lot today.

(Please note that the dude in this stock image is called “Handsome man portrait talking at the cell phone” and he is talking to “happy confident businesswoman talking on the mobile cell phone” but why isn’t she described as handsome? She looks quite dignified to me.)

Microsoft Safer Online poll tempers the battle of the sexes [Microsoft]

Images via Warren Goldswain/Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

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