Ikea's Moose Meat Lasagna Joins the Club of Meat that's Contaminated with Other Meat


Ikea. Girl. I think it’s time that we had a talk about how you keep making one kind of meat out of a completely different kind of meat. First, we found out that you kept making your Swedish meatballs out of horse and now it turns out that your moose meat lasagna is mixed up with pork. Now, as has been previously discussed ad nauseam, the problem here isn’t that people are refusing to eat horse or pig for moral reasons (though there are some people who might). The problem is that the whoever you hire to inspect your meat products is doing a remarkably terrible job and who knows what else could be getting in there. (Raccoon? Euro house music? The screw that was supposed to come with my MALM dresser, but didn’t come with my MALM dresser?)

Over 17,000 portions of moose lasagna has been recalled from Ikea branches across Europe after a batch was tested and found to contain pork in Belgium, reports the AP. The contaminated lasagna had been served for a full month before it was pulled from the shelves on March 22. No public statement was made by the company until this past Saturday when a Swedish paper reported on the incident.

The moose meat lasagna only contained about 1.6% pork, but has still raised alarm. Ikea has placed blame on the Swedish frozen food maker that the furniture giant orders some of its products from and the Swedish frozen food maker has blamed its meat suppliers for mislabeling.

As was the situation with the horse meat, there has been no cases of contamination within the United States as our food undergoes an entirely different regulation system. That said, the particle board used in the Ikea BIRKELAND bedroom line was found to be contaminated with the bone chips of Nordic teenagers. How else do you expect them to make the wood so blonde?

IKEA halts moose lasagna sales after finding traces of pork [AP]

Image via Shutterstock.

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