I'm Inspired by Emma, a Very Fast Pug Who is the 'Usain Bolt' of Pugs 


How can you be a better person? What in your life needs to change in order to improve? When contemplative self-searching nets zero results, it’s best to look outward for inspiration. My search for personal inspiration ends here with Emma, a four-year-old pug from Hermsdorf who ran her way to victory.

Emma showed up at Berlin’s International Pug Race on Saturday as a two-time champion and left a winner for the third time, leaving her small, sausage-bodied compatriots in the dust.

Emma ran a brisk 50-meter race, clocking in at 5.87 seconds—very fast for a small animal whose body is shaped like a log supported by impossibly thin legs. She’s thicc, but not too thicc? She’s perfect. Her owner, Angela Kaiser, said that she hopes Emma’s victory will show the world that pugs really can be “agile creatures” and not just smush-faced, flatulent angels with eyes a little too close to their noses.

She has been described as the “Usain Bolt of pugs” and you know what? She’s fast as hell. She’s working against her body type—rotund, gassy, chunky—and succeeding. An icon. An inspiration. My new queen.

Be the change you want to see in this world. Channel Emma. Follow your bliss. Run.

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