Indiana Anti-Gay Pizza Shop Forced to Shutter Its Doors For Now


After Indiana’s despicable “religious freedom” measure – which gives business owners carte blanche to discriminate against LGBTQ persons – was signed into law by the state’s governor last week, homophobics are coming out the woodwork talking their bullshit.

From The Wrap

Early Wednesday, one of the shop’s owners Crystal O’Connor said she would refuse to cater a same-sex wedding as the shop was a “Christian establishment.” Phone calls and social media responses over the remarks have now forced the restaurant to shutter until temperatures cool.

And then…? They’ll open back up and continue serving their pizza like they’re not hateful pizza thugs?

Crystal O’Connor [business owner] said the business is not discriminating against anybody, but she and her family has her beliefs and other people are entitled to their own. Kevin O’Connor [co-owner] reportedly echoed this sentiment.

Actually that’s not how discrimination works. Here’s how discrimination works: when you say you’re not going to serve a group of people because of who they, say, fuck, you’re a bigot/discriminatory. So then, you know, you can’t claim to be anything but.

More here on why no self-respecting gay couple would ever have pizza at their wedding.

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