International Women's Day: What You Can Do


Today marks the 100th International Women’s Day. Here, some of the many events to help you get involved — today and the other 364.

To follow events around the world digitally, check this out: IWD will be all over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You can hear IWD-themed audio programs from around the world — both specific to International Women’s Day or simply celebrating the accomplishments of a diverse group of women — here. Meanwhile, the BBC is dedicating its Extreme World series to exploring issues of women’s equality around the world.

WorldPulse tells the stories of women around the world; fascinating and moving.

Cities around the world are holding Bridge Walks in conjunction with Women Building Bridges. The org, whose motto is ‘Stronger Women Build Bridges of Peace,’ is devoted to supporting women in war-torn areas. See about finding or organizing one where you live.

The theme of this year’s IWD is equal access for women to education, training, science and technology. There are hundreds of charities supporting these objectives; just a couple to whom your donation makes a difference and who are launching special appeals in connection with IWD are the Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund, Oxfam International, and Save the Children. In keeping with this year’s theme, it’s also a great time to think about mentoring girls or volunteering in some other capacity.

To see a full list of the nearly 1700 events and initiatives taking place around the world, check out IWD’s official website.

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