Is Agyness Deyn Ready To Retire Already?


Agyness Deyn says some wacky stuff in an interview in the new issue of New York. (“This isn’t a dress; it’s just underwear and tights.”) But does she hint that she might give up modeling?

Writes Jada Yuan:

When Fashion Week descends on Bryant Park next week, Deyn-who also turns 26 then-won’t be the freshest face on the runway, but she is perhaps the biggest name. She and [boyfriend Albert] Hammond star in a ten-page Valentine’s Day story in Vogue, featuring them doing “datey things,” like Hammond playing guitar for her under a tree. (“It’s nice to have those pictures, because you only get older, don’t you?”) In fact, Fashion Week has become so old hat that until her manager called, “I actually forgot it was on. I was like, ‘Fashion Week? Oh shit!’ I do like doing it. But you know when you kind of have it figured out in your head that you don’t want to do this forever?”

Whether or not you like her, Deyn has managed to stand out in an cycle when models have faded into the background; she’s earned celebrity status in a period when models have been replaced by celebrities. (Yuan notes that Deyn knows the paparazzi camped outside her apartment: “Every morning I’m like, ‘Hello! Want a coffee?'”) But in this short piece, in addition to saying she doesn’t want to “do this” forever, she mentions that she’s cut way down on drinking and is trying to quit smoking. Is that any way for a top model to behave? Or since she’s conquered fashion, started a band, dated a musician and posed as the Queen — has she already done all there is for a model to do?

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