It Falls to the Children to Roast the Hell Out of Theresa May 


Theresa May has agreed to answer questions in a British news program mounted entirely by children. It therefore falls to the children of the United Kingdom to roast the absolute hell out of their prime minister, but I’m frankly confident they are up to the task.

The Guardian reported on the developments at Sky Kids:

The prime minister signed up to be a regular feature on FYI, a new weekly children’s news programme that will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, starting from next week.
As part of her appearances, May will answer two questions from children, with the interview pre-recorded in Downing Street. The first question was posed by an eight-year-old boy called Zak, who asked the prime minister whether she gets along with the US president, Donald Trump.

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and London mayor Sadiq Khan are also lined up. Other features in addition to the interview include “children providing commentary on a story currently in the news, a section called I Don’t Get It, which takes an in-depth look at an issue, and a roundup of viral videos,” as well as Our World, in which kids will report from overseas.

The Guardian noted that, “it could anger some at Sky News, who have become frustrated with Downing Street’s perceived reluctance to allow May to be interviewed by the channel, compared with other broadcasters.” But personally, I’d much rather answer questions from professional journalists than children, because children are unconcerned with your feelings in a way that enables them to say things that no adult would ever. Another grave strategic error by the Tories!

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