It Is About Time We Reconsider Megan Fox, According to Megan Fox

In a new InStyle profile, Fox defends Jennifer's Body and herself against a decade of unwarranted criticism

It Is About Time We Reconsider Megan Fox, According to Megan Fox
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As the entire world waits to see if Britney Spears will be granted freedom from her father 13 years after constant hyperbolic media attention around her mental health helped trap her in that fucked-up situation, a great many other Hollywood types are getting a cultural reconsideration of the ways in which they were treated in the early 2000s. Some, like Paris Hilton, seem a little much, as she is an heiress with a history of using the N-word. Others, like Megan Fox, are long overdue.

From what I remember, early 2000s Megan Fox was a very beautiful person who got a lot of shit for complaining about a director who once had her wash a car in a bikini for an audition (and later retracting those complaints) and for possibly getting Botox. In a new InStyle profile, Fox, who has been out of the limelight for quite some time outside of her high-profile romance with Machine Gun Kelly, is not so much over the shitty treatment she’s received in the past as she is ready to talk about it:

“I was brought out and stoned and murdered at one point,” [Fox says about the past decade]. “And then suddenly everybody’s like, ‘Wait a second. We shouldn’t have done that. Let’s bring her back.’”

She’s also irritated that male critics didn’t give the (very good) film Jennifer’s Body a fair shake because they didn’t know what to do with two girls kissing if the kiss was not specifically meant to appeal to their specific boners:

“I think the men [the studio] tried to market to were confused…It’s not like that [kissing] scene was even particularly sexual for men. It was more so for any woman who’s ever thought, ‘I really love my best friend, and I don’t necessarily know what that means, but I’m going to figure it out.’”

She’s also rewatched Jonah Hex, decided it wasn’t that bad, and would now like a part in a Marvel movie, but not an awards season prestige film:

“People hate on you as an actor for that because it doesn’t get you the big awards. I don’t give a fuck. Give me an MTV award. I don’t need a fucking BAFTA.”

The whole interview is worth reading, but know going in that Machine Gun Kelly, who looks at Fox and says “Wow” a lot apparently, is actually named Colson because I was very confused.

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