It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Cast Really Loves Saying Goddamn It


In the vast pantheon of beautiful curse words, there are some that stand out like beautifully adorned queens on the day of their coronation. “Motherfucker.” “Asshole.” “Fuckclown.” Some others tend to get lost in the mix. But thanks to the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” one particular expression is getting a triumphant rebirth.

“Goddamn it” really is an underrated word. It so perfectly expresses the frustration of a moment when all is basically fucked. The only real thing left here to discuss is who among the cast members actually says it the best. My votes go to Rob McElhenney and Danny Devito, with an honorable mention for Kaitlin Olson’s gorgeous fits of comedic “goddamn it”-laced rage.

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