Jared Leto Terrifies At Calvin Klein Art Event


The Calvin Klein Collection & Los Angeles Nomadic Division 1st Annual Celebration For L.A. Arts Monthly and Art Los Angeles Contemporary – yes that’s the name – was star-studded and typically understated…except when it wasn’t. Like when Jared Leto appeared.

Penelope Cruz embodies the classic CK ethos in elegant neutrals.

…Well, Penelope and Jessica White!

Ginnifer Goodwin, meanwhile, does CK Faerie Queen.

Coco Rocha? Elegant majorette!

Nicky Hilton looks a ton like Tippi Hedren. Tippi Hendren has a big cat preserve. So.

Totally distracted by Melissa George‘s Evita lippie.

I’m loving Bijou Phillips‘ whimsical French girl thing. If that’s what she’s doing!

In this frigid East Coast cold snap, I can only gaze longingly at wearing effortless SoCal artist drag like Jordana Brewster‘s.

I mean, Ali Larter’s in a CK version of the mini twinset! In January! The lucky dog!

And Kate Bosworth is in linen!


Linen, I tell you!

Digging Beth Riesgraf’s frock, a retro-ish take on the sparkle trend.

Milla forgot her pants…

China Chow stashed a yoga mat in her skirt…

…and Lady Victoria Harvey realized a childhood “fairy princess” fantasy.

This is either Santino Rice or a Bolshevik poet.

Greg Kinnear: Tom Wolfe called. He wants his suit back.

Catt Sadler’s bag is currently performing in Hair; hence the ‘do.

Jared Leto: back. Away. Slowly.

[Images via Getty]

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