Jean Paul Gaultier: A Mad Hatter's Delight


Bright colors, varied patterns, 90s throwbacks, and wacky boots were all on display at Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Ready To Wear runway show in Paris earlier today, yet the real stars of the show were the hats. Oh, the hats!

The headgear, if you will, was certainly the focal point of the collection.

As many of the commenters have pointed out, the collection is heavily influenced by traditional tribal clothing.

Though I do have a confession: I started singing this when I saw this outfit.

Not to get all 7-year-olds in a Gap commercial on you but how cute (or at least interesting) are these boots?

And here’s a closer view.

This is an updated, chic version of something Neve Campbell might have worn on Party of Five, right?

As someone who grew up claiming cerulean as her favorite color in the Crayola 96-pack, I am a big fan of the bright blues that are hot for Fall 2010, including these tights.

“Cute shoes!”-Jezebel commenters, 2007-present

The long skirt is a bit of shocker, considering the short hems and schoolgirl pleats that have been popping up everywhere else.

Yet Gaultier is in line with most other major designers this season with the use of fur.

But seriously, it’s all about the hats.

A modern twist on a crown…

a 20s inspired cap…

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

There were wraps…

And fuzzy, wacky caps.

Several of our commenters, it should be noted, have also pointed out both traditional Chinese and Mongolian influences in the hats.

Another crown of sorts.

How do you guys feel about the makeup in this show?

This is sort of like a high fashion version of the hat that douchebag trustafarian dude wore on your campus while playing hacky sack, no?

The famous Gaultier bustier also makes an appearance, in a striking red.

There’s something a bit Gwen Stefani in her Rock Steady phase about all of this, isn’t there?

Another hat, with a matching change purse, to boot.

Another hat, another pair of colored tights. Or are those leggings? You guys! I can’t tell anymore!

Alas, apparently going hatless means one has to go pantless, as well.

So what do you think, commenters? Hats off, or total madness? Or perhaps a bit of both?

[All Images via Getty.]

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